Personalized Temperature Control

Our heating and cooling office chair allows users to utilize our automotive-grade thermal micro-climate technology to create a comfortable work space.

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Climate Control Sleep System™

Our sleep system is a revolutionary temperature control mattress that offers localized cooling and heating right where you need it, providing thermal comfort like never before.

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Power Generation

Our Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) converts
wasted exhaust heat from an automobile into usable
electricity while also improving fuel efficiency.

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Interior Comfort

The progress of the automotive industry is constantly validating the importance of incorporating thermal technologies into vehicle interior designs. Our innovative products and their placement in a vehicle provide both comfort and pleasure to drivers and passengers alike.

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For more than forty years, we have been providing our expertise to leading vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, as a qualified developer and provider of system solutions.


The same thermal technologies that deliver personalized heating and cooling comfort to the automotive industry are now available for application in diverse markets.

Research & Development

We know that our research and development process is what enables us to continue to create innovative products that both satisfy and create demand in the marketplace.

Power Generation

We are developing practical Thermoelectric Generators to capture waste heat from automotive and industrial sources and converting this heat to useful electricity.

We have locations in 12 countries and have more than 10,000 employees worldwide.

Our locations dealing in development, production, and customer service are within close proximity to our customers, which helps us to offer superior customer satisfaction. Contact Us >

A global leader in thermal technology

We’re continually expanding our Global Footprint, with over 10,000 employees worldwide helping create our thermal solutions and providing support to our customers wherever they are. We engineer, prototype, test, manufacture, and offer customer service within 12 countries.