Comfort and flexibility


We are partnering with aviation OEMs and airlines to innovate creative solutions that will improve the passenger experience.  We are adapting our Climate Control Seat systems (CCS®) and other forward thinking products to air travel, offering premium class passengers a personalized, tailored experience with more comfort and functionality.  Based on decades of research and implementation in the automotive sector, we are increasing passenger comfort and enhancing economic efficiency of airlines with our ergonomics and deep expertise. 

Heated Seat

The same renowned heated seat is now available above the clouds.  Our heated seats allows airline passengers to regulate their seat temperature for the ultimate flying experience.  Based on our resistive heater core technology, our heated seats are seamlessly integrated into aviation seat designs, and are constructed using materials that offer the best capacity, installation characteristics and durability.  Our capabilities allow customers complete design freedom and the ability to choose among a variety of resistive heater materials based on their individual specifications.  Our heater mats provide a warmer seat and uniform distribution of thermal comfort throughout the seat surface and we approach each project with innovative applications that offer the best capacity, installation characteristics and durability.

Happy couple in an aircraft

Heated and Cooled seat in an airplane

Heat Vent Seat

At Gentherm, we are experts in all areas of thermal heating and cooling and we are always perfecting and reimagining ways to offer customers thermal solutions that provide comfort, versatility and prestige.  We are always innovating and creating solutions where the focus is to meet the highest standards of durability, functionality and system efficiency. Our Heat Vent Seat takes the next step in personalization by including seat heaters located in the cushion and back inserts and our high airflow, low noise air moving devices used in a push or pull configuration.  The combination of our comfort technologies delivers customization and the flexibility to integrate with any aircraft seat design.  Our Heat Vent Seat is designed with our customers in mind and delivers performance that elevates the flying experience.

Climate Control Seat (CCS)®

Our Climate Control Seat places you in a world of unprecedented comfort and customization never fully realized on an airplane.  We constantly strive to incorporate fresh ideas that enhance comfort and combine the right components that elevate airline comfort to new heights.  We design our products with our customers in mind and can incorporate any combination of thermal products to create an unmatched travel experience that excels in quality, craftsmanship and packaging.  Design features include smart sensors that deploy our patented air moving devices, high power density heaters and convective heaters which deliver enhanced comfort and an unmatched seating experience.  Our high performance, active cooling system utilizes multiple thermoelectric devices and delivers unparalleled comfort and gives our customers complete design freedom. 

Man looking at his phone in an aircraft

Women sleeping on her airline seat

Neck Conditioner

Our deep expertise in thermal comfort ensures our technology always sets a benchmark in innovation and craftsmanship.  We leverage consumer data and our research to provide our customers with products that elevate the driving experience.  The result is our heated and cooled neck conditioner which elevates the comfort experience in both open-air (convertible) and closed-cabin applications by pushing warm or cool air to the occupant’s neck area.  Our flexible designs take noise and space limitations into consideration allowing our customers greater design freedom without compromising on cost efficiency.