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Our areas of accreditation speak for themselves.

Since quality is at the heart of our continuing global success, our core competencies have been formally accredited by leading certification bodies. This means that our commitment to quality has been validated, tested, audited, and certified.

Our quality systems and processes are continually improving to anticipate your changing needs. It is our commitment to excellence that positions us as a leader across our global manufacturing facilities in the global marketplace.

Germany - Odelzhausen

ISO IEC17025-2005-Odelzhausen-German.pdf273 kb

Canada - Mexico - Texas

Gentherm-de-Mexico-SA-de-CV-ISO-14001-2004.pdf2.2 mb ISO 14001-2004-Windsor-English.pdf1.3 mb
ISO TS 16949-2009-Mexico-English.pdf376 kb ISO IEC 17025-2005-Windsor-English.pdf392 kb

Ukraine - Hungary - Germany

EN ISO 14644-1-Ukraine-German.pdf241 kb EN ISO 14644-1-Ukraine-English.pdf3.4 mb
ISO TS 16949-2009-Ukraine-German.pdf121 kb ISO TS 16949-2009-Ukraie-English.pdf115 kb
ISO TS 16949-2009-Ukraine-Ukrainian.pdf121 kb ISO 14001-2004-Ukraine-English.pdf66 kb
ISO TS 16949-2009-Hungary-German.pdf2 mb ISO TS 16949-2009-Hungary-English.pdf2 mb
ISO TS 16949-2009-GHungary-Hungarian.pdf2 mb BS OHSAS 18001-2007-Ukraine-Ukrainian-English.pdf748 kb
ISO IEC 17025-2005-Lab-Accreditation-Gentherm-Hungary-English.pdf81 kb    

China - Langfang

ISO_14001-China-English.pdf43 kb ISO TS 16949-2009-China-English.pdf387 kb
ISO TS 16949-2009-China-Chinese.pdf437 kb BS_OHSAS_35001-2007-China-English.pdf47 kb
ISO IEC 17025-2005-China-English.pdf246 kb ISO IEC_17025-2005-01-China-English.pdf238 kb
ISO IEC 17025-2005-02-China-English.pdf526 kb