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Shaping home & office comfort

Couple sleeping on a mattress

Our home and office division seamlessly integrates our technology to provide customers the same tailored comfort experience they expect from our products.  We know that all it takes to shift your level of comfort is one degree. The same engineers that shape your level of comfort in automobiles work tirelessly to provide the same comfort at home and in the office. 


With Gentherm, incomparable comfort is always with you, from the moment you wake up, in your car on the way to the office and then at the end of the day when you lie in bed to recharge for tomorrow.  We take pride in creating bold, practical solutions and our automotive expertise is the inspiration that guides the design of our home and office products.  Whether at home, or in the office, the future belongs to personalization. 

The new standard in comfort

Couple sleeping on a mattress

Woman sleeping on a mattress