President and Chief Executive Officer | Director, Board of Directors
"Teams of people compete, not companies. Together, we create an environment that cultivates diversity, transparency and respect. This ensures our team members are appreciated, can develop their careers, wow our customers and grow our business." Phil Eyler
“公司之间的竞争,实质上是团队之间的竞争。让我们共同打造一个培养多样性、透明且彼此尊重的团队。在这里,我们的团队成员受到赏识,发展事业,服务客户,我们的公司也因此发展壮大。” Phil Eyler

Management Team

Senior Vice President, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications
Senior Vice President, Operations
Vice President, Global Sales
President, Automotive Business Unit
Senior Vice President and General Manager, Medical Business Unit
Vice President, & General Counsel
Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Vice President, Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer
Vice President, Strategy and Marketing

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board, Gentherm
Group VP, Strategic Marketing, Rhodia
Managing Director, Autotech Ventures
COO and CFO of PillPack
VP and CFO of BorgWarner Inc.
President and CEO, Bio-Techne Corporation
Owner, Byron Shaw LLC
Executive Vice President and CHRO, Harman International, Inc.