UV Treo®

Advanced Temperature Management System

The UV Treo™ Advanced Temperature Management System provides reliable heating and cooling solutions so clinicians can focus on the best possible patient outcomes. The UV Treo System’s intelligent design prevents potentially harmful contaminated water from aerosolizing in the CVOR. This is accomplished through sealed air flow channels which are isolated from the water source. The on-board ultraviolet (UV) light and validated cleaning process for sanitization provides six log (99.9999%) reduction of waterborne bacteria.

*Only available in Europe (CE Marked)

**Distributed by Terumo


Quiet operation - <57 dB while compressor and pumps are running
Defibrillation Proof
Water and exhaust containment prevent aerosolization and cross contamination
Validated Cleaning Protocols
On-Board ultraviolet (UV) light for sanitization
Color touchscreen interface – rotates +/- 157°
Two independent channels with operating temperatures from 1.5°C – 41°C, +/- 1.0°C
Up to three external devices can be used simultaneously: oxygenator, blanket and cardioplegia heat exchangers

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