Thermoelectric Battery Thermal Management

Trust. All the technology in the world is pointless if you can’t trust it to work. That’s where Gentherm’s PACE awarded technology comes in. Our integrated Thermoelectric Battery Thermal Management provides enhanced cooling to avoid critical temperature ranges, thus slowing your battery’s aging process. Doing this means consistent performance, maximum charging capacity, lower carbon footprint, no harmful refrigerants and power you can trust.

Air Cooling BTM

There’s a simple equation for the Gentherm Air Cooling Battery Thermal Management System. It pulls in cool air from a duct and removes hot air from the battery case. The result is optimal battery functionality. This simple solution looks easy from afar but accomplishing it means painstaking attention to detail.  Our simulation and blower-design expertise provide the flexibility to design a range of cooling concepts. Plus, our technology for system level testing provides our customers with the most suitable cooling device for each application.

Cell Connecting Systems

It’s not a coincidence that premium European OEMs have adopted Gentherm Cell Connecting Systems. The integrated technology provides a reliable and continuous flow of temperature and cell voltage information during the charging and discharging process, ensuring performance and safety. Development is also underway with the use of a proprietary flex circuit process and integration of cell-sensing electronics (CSE) to provide an even higher level of integration and information to the Battery Management System, providing an opportunity to gather battery health information for the OEM and provide “service soon” notices to the driver. Our connecting systems are always optimized for the available installation space and specially adapted to the customer’s specific requirements.