四十余载, 我们始终为全球领先汽车生产商和供应商提供最先进的热技术服务。我们对热舒适性的深入研究, 确保我们的技术一直为行业创新和工艺树立标杆。

在严谨的科学、复杂的工程和源源不断的增长动力背后, 我们公司始终秉持以人为本的理念, 积极评估技术应用对终端客户的适用性及其对环境影响等因素。


我们公认的汽车产品组合, 包括多种适用于各个季节的加热、冷却及温度控制应用, 让人们在前往目的地的旅途中也同样感到舒适、愉悦。我们衷心为客户提供智能、创新、前瞻的热技术, 确保客户享受独家定制的舒适、实用、高端的技术。

MicroClimate Solutions™

Our MicroClimate Solutions™ embody the truth of what Gentherm can deliver – innovation, design and manufacturing of thermal management systems that will transform the way we heat and cool drivers and passengers. From testing and evaluation to design and development of vehicle comfort systems and software, we are serving our global automotive customers today and providing tailored MicroClimate Solutions™.

Our technologies are also driving personalized, efficient comfort for the autonomous, electrified, and ridesharing ecosystem of the future. With our MicroClimate Solutions™, we enable our customers to deliver the right temperatures to the right places at the right times.